Review out-of Beverages Contribution in order to Opportunity Consumption in summer and you may Cold temperatures

Review out-of Beverages Contribution in order to Opportunity Consumption in summer and you may Cold temperatures

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All drinks hydrate and most also provide nutrients and energy. Our objective was to evaluate the contribution of drinks to total energy intake in summer and winter. Data were obtained using the Water Balance Questionnaire (WBQ) from a sample of the general population in Athens, Greece (n = 984), 473 individuals (42 ± 18 years) in summer and 511 individuals (38 ± 20 years) in winter stratified by sex and age. The WBQ embeds a semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire of 58 foods and the Short International Physical Activity Questionnaire. Data were analyzed for the contribution of drinks to total energy intake. In winter, total energy intake was 2082 ± 892 kcal/day; energy intake from drinks was 479 ± 286 kcal/day and energy expenditure 1860 ± 390 kcal/day. In summer, total energy intake was 1890 ± 894 kcal/day, energy intake from drinks 492 ± 499 kcal/day and energy expenditure 1830 ± 491 kcal/day. Energy intake from drinks in summer was higher than in winter (p < 0.001)> Keywords: water balance questionnaire WBQ, winter, summer, hydration, sugar-sweetened drinks, drink

step 1. Introduction

Drinks in the types of tea, coffee, milk, juices, carbonated drinks, diet beverages, energy drinks and you can liquor come in a giant and you will broadening level of options. Assortment meets taste needs, health requirements, and you can lives means, just in case multiple beverages are available, it is likely to reach euhydration .

Products contribute just as much as 25%–50% off intake of water [2,step 3,4], therefore he or she is important for meeting each day liquid needs and achieving euhydration. Hydration has been for the restoration out-of regular actual and cognitive features .

But not, it has been debated you to beverages lead notably to the expanding obesity costs internationally [6,7], simply because of their times blogs [8,9,10]. In a few education, Sugar Sweetened Drinks (SSB) practices might have been associated with the weight gain in children and you will grownups , while you are proof one decreasing SSBs usually reduce the likelihood of obesity and you can related diseases particularly type 2 diabetes might have been seen because powerful . Time consumption out of drinks has grown dramatically over the past forty ages by the approximately 222 calories each person a-day .

Still, products on some classes don’t contribute just as to help you opportunity consumption . The power content of your own drink together with usage patterns may suggest if not, we.e., particular caloric products can be ate rarely ergo contributing little to daily time consumption. It has been contended that replacing sweetened caloric products which have h2o may help cure full time intake within the overweight people . Nonetheless, use of sweetened caloric products is a complicated issue which can be considered beyond the caloric share along with the newest context off dieting patterns .

Furthermore, simultaneously to help you dining consumption, certain issues like seasonality, physical activity membership and you will sex make a difference to this new range when you look at the take in solutions and you will sum in order to overall time consumption. These situations have not been totally examined; subsequent education in this area have a tendency to elucidate the present day matter-of time consumption out-of weight loss sources and you will off beverages particularly.

When you look at the an earlier studies used in the Greece, utilizing the Drinking water Balance Survey (WBQ) tool, we found that inside the 984 adults, 24% of water intake is inspired by drinks . There’s an enthusiastic unequivocal must further tricky in these conclusions, elucidating the sum off beverages in order to overall energy consumption and you will equilibrium.