Your trustworthy local fire damage restoration team

Uninvited fire damage destroys a house or an industrial facility, causing stress for both the personnel and the residents. We at MOD try to help the victims by offering a quick, affordable, and reliable business fire damage & recovery service. Using cutting-edge equipment and technologies, our team members fix the damage and eliminate the smoke and soot smell. We work with the fire department to set up the restoration procedure for your industrial organization once they declare the facility safe.


Fire Safety Tips

Our professionals arrive at your door right away to minimize the effects of the fire damage to your home and industrial unit. Here are some must-follow safety tips that you should practice to keep your establishment safe and secure, preventing further complications until our arrival.

  • Make less movement to avert soot from being rooted in the carpets
  • Do not remove the soot from the walls because you will need it to submit an insurance claim.
  • To collect soot and smoke, cover air registers with two layers of cheesecloth
  • Turn off the appliances as long as we arrive
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(424) 299-1817
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837 2nd St Suite #101, Santa Monica, CA 90403