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How It All Started

Hi! My name is Nick Brovia and I’m the owner of MOD Restoration & Remodeling. My journey in the construction field began on a framing and foundation crew in Pebble Beach, CA in 1995, a path I continued on for the next six years.

Then, the 9/11 events truly changed the trajectory of my life, its purpose, and my overall goals. I became a firefighter and continued to save people’s lives and properties for the next 15 years. During that time, I also kept studying and earned two degrees in Fire Science and Disaster Management. My training and education as a firefighter and builder have led me to become an expert in Fire Damage Claims and, particularly, in wildfire damaged Homes. At the same time, I became versed and knowledgeable in a variety of other types of claims, including water damage, mold, and biohazard cleanup. I have successfully negotiated and written over 30 million dollars in claims while managing every detail from day of loss to complete build back.

MOD Restoration & Remodeling was born out of my passion for helping people bring their properties to life after a damaging event and give them a new meaning through remodeling work. This mission we took on also inspired the initial name of the company (Masters Of Disasters). We’re extremely versatile and have a full-service crew for all specialty trades. You can trust us to go above and beyond on your project to help you create your new living space just the way you want.

How we help you?

Encountering threatening water, fire, or storm damage is definitely not easy for any property owner. Our only objective is to stand by the victims, offer them a dependable and affordable restoration service, and build back the impaired structures in the quickest time possible. Additionally, we help all our clients to reclaim their property hassle-freely.

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Water Damage

Natural disasters like flooding, storms, and plumbing issues, including ruptured sewage lines, leaking appliances, etc., can result in critical water damage. However, we create the best restoration plan for your home and office after a quick inspection of the damage level.

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Mold Remediation

Clogged gutters, high humidity, and inadequate ventilation can lead to mold infestation in your property, which spreads quickly, posing health and causing structural damage. Our specialists eliminate mold and mildew, employing preventive actions to avoid their re-infestation.

Fire Damage

Electrical malfunctions, short circuits, and cooking mishaps can prey on your home and office, causing severe fire damage. At MOD, we assist in restoring the damage caused by fire and smoke immediately, fixing the structural impairments as quickly as possible.

Fire Damage

Storm Damage

Unexpected natural catastrophes, like thunderstorms, snowstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, can cause structural damage, including collapsed roofs, broken trees, and worst of all, flooding. But there is nothing to worry about, as we at MOD come to your rescue and repair the damage fast.

Storm Damage


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Our Competence and Certifications

We are a General B Contracting business with proper license, bond, and insurance. We possess several certifications, including IICRC and state certifications from accredited organizations, and are also associated with American Bio Recovery Association, which proves our authenticity, skills, and expertise.

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