Fast, gay, spreeish, unsteady, thoughtless,-an enthusiastic Americanism who’s got of late ascended on the roads so you can the brand new drawing-room

Fast, gay, spreeish, unsteady, thoughtless,-an enthusiastic Americanism who’s got of late ascended on the roads so you can the brand new drawing-room

Fake, so you can cheat, or scam; to-do anything; to take, or continue; making otherwise create; so you can bargain, or deprive,-an excellent verb variously put. Faked , complete, otherwise completed for; “ Phony away, there’s absolutely no off,” embark on, there’s no one lookin. Mayhew claims it is about Latin, FACIMENTUM .

Appreciate, the favorite sports, pets, or activity regarding a man, the newest tan off lower lives. Pugilists are now and again called The flamboyant .

The expression have certainly now a distinct definition, it hadn’t thirty years ago. Short ‘s the synonyme to own Fast , however, an easy Guy won’t convey this is out-of a good Timely People ,-a person who by late circumstances, gaiety, and you will continual cycles of pleasure, lifetime too fast and you will wears himself away. An amusing anecdote try advised off an easy young lady, the fresh new child of the right reverend prelate, who was a skilled when you look at the horseflesh. Being desirous regarding ascertaining this new thoughts regarding an applicant having ordination, who had the appearance of a great bird of the identical feather, about what merits of a few cattle simply brought to their father’s palace having their particular to select from, she is actually in hopes by your these were entirely not fit to own a great lady’s fool around with. Having an once you understand glance at the horses’ situations, she offered their own choice during these alternatives terminology, “Better, We agree with your; he or she is a rum lot, since the Devil said of ten commandments.”

From inside the sincere area an easy younger lady is but one which has an effect on mannish habits, otherwise tends to make herself conspicuous by certain unfeminine success,-conversations jargon, pushes regarding the in London area, tobacco smoking cigarettes, is knowing when you look at the dogs, ponies, &c

Lbs, good printer’s label signifying this new void places on the a full page, by which he is paid down in one speed just like the full otherwise unbroken users. So it really works provided much Weight on printers.

Body weight, Asiatisk kvinner dato rich, abundant, &c.; “a body weight lot;” “to slice it Pounds ,” to go overboard, to show off into the a thorough otherwise grand manner, to visualize unnecessary advantages; “cut up Pounds ,” pick not as much as Slash . As the a Theatrical term, an associate with plenty of Weight involved, is one hence provides the brand new star chances of active monitor.

Shakespere spends the word in the same manner off a favourite, or pet; additionally the paramour out of an excellent prostitute continues to be titled her Prefer-Man

FAWNEY Moving, selling rings to possess a wager. So it behavior is actually founded through to the outdated tale away from a guy installing a play for when he had been to provide “genuine gold sovereigns” on a cent an element at the base of London area Bridge, the new English public is too incredulous to acquire. The story claims the gentleman stationed themselves which have sovereigns into the a tea dish, and sold just a couple of in the hours,-successful brand new wager. It tale brand new FAWNEY BOUNCERS give people, only giving brass, double gilt groups, as opposed to sovereigns.

FAWNEY, or FAWNEY RIG , ring dropping. Some time ago, this behavior, otherwise RIG , was quite common. An other deliberately fell a ring, or a pocket publication which includes little content out of jewelry, &c., in it, and when he noticed people pick it up, ran to help you claim 50 % of. The fresh band found, practical question regarding how booty would be to getting split had after that getting felt like. The latest Fawney claims, “for a moment render me personally 7 or 9 shillings getting my personal express stuff is actually yours.” It brand new Flat thinks very fair. This new ring of course was valueless, as well as the swallower of your own bait learns the trick far too late.

Barrier, or FENCER , a buyer otherwise person off taken goods; Fence , the shop or factory out-of a good FENCER .-Dated cannot.