I am also a beneficial Gay man who was simply a part of someone who was very possible NPD- having faculties ASPD

I am also a beneficial Gay man who was simply a part of someone who was very possible NPD- having faculties ASPD

Keep in touch even though it is six months subsequently or whenever you can when i would love to pay attention to exactly how you will do. Meanwhile, take good care of on your own. Rosie.

The fresh cluster B’s personality problems are similar- however, of my personal experience- Andrea you are just not informed concerning difference between a beneficial Borderline and you can a beneficial Narcissist. You’ve got zero thinking otherwise they are very shallow, another have deregulated thinking (the fresh new BPD) I’m Men identified as having BPD- Held it’s place in cures for more than 3 years, and you may DBT nearly a year. The possible lack of sympathy are breathtaking- the shortcoming to spot my personal requires- therefore unfulfilling. Following emerged the background discipline/energy lights. This person literally ravaged my heart and soul. Borderlines are going to be sweet- caring and you can providing, and get very codependent. I finished which relationships nearly 4 in years past- ran towards treatment half a year next having depression and you will stress. It absolutely was in the end reveled that i suffered with a character sickness myself- with 7 of your 9 characteristics regarding DSM IV. I envision me personally on the much time path to healing from BPD- but i’d like to succeed clear to you- borderlines and you will narcissists aren’t the same!


Hey Peter, Rosie here,nice in order to satisfy your. I entirely trust your you to NPD and you may Borderline’s are extremely more. NPD’s tell you a complete not enough empathy and never recognise the newest means off anyone else. If you’re an excellent BPD and then have involved with a great NPD you can be destroyed especially when from inside the a partnership. I will imagine me to-be an excellent borderline(and could feel) but do not detected. The brand new Narcissist within seksi genГ§ kД±zlar Korece my life is my personal sis just who produced my in great amounts since i have is a baby. I select me because the a caring, sensitive personal having great empathy some other people’s soreness however, have always been along with a custodian that isn’t usually a good thing. We have problems with nervousness as well as have complete every living and therefore have end in severe depression some times. BPD is no longer thought to be a psychological infection that we find difficult to see but there is yet another DSM V deleting BPD regarding book. I’d have many faculties out of BPD and you will ask yourself in the event that, for my situation, they my dilemmas have been down seriously to that have so it NPD during my relatives. I’m sorry to learn that the man caused your so much suffering and i want to your well on your way to data recovery. We agree totally that Borderlines and you can NPD’s are its not similar, actually, he could be during the reverse concludes of the spectrum. Prepared your really Peter and take care and attention, Rosie.

Andrea Schneider, LCSW

completely aware the essential difference between NPD and BPD because established on the DSM…my personal past review was appearing there exists some people one to possess some crossover with traits off those two “people B character issues.” What i are dealing with is the fact not everybody suits to your a natural systematic category … I hope that describes one thing…I wish you really. Andrea


Thank you carry out much Andrea– reading your own post, additionally the ‘targets/victims’ from Narcissists in the responses – I could absolutely identify that have. Rosie BPS is still detected just like the a group B character disease on DSM V- it has been improved across the DSN VI although not. The newest Narcissist I understood ended up being partnered- got around three students. Remaining the latest wife immediately following 23 ages. After that continued to possess a reputation from the gay society, in which everyone fundamentally ignores your (only discipline) The guy nevertheless ‘hoovers’ around for me from the extremely subliminal ways- but We told him to their face within the no not sure terms he had been indeed NPD. His respond? ‘OH’ -typical. One has to discover that particular worst does occur around. We while the good Borderline have created many problems to possess me- alienated of several- but I don’t feel the form of stamina a narcissist has-