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Everything You Need To Know About Fire And Water Damage Recovery

A commercial fire is the most traumatizing and devastating event you can ever experience. Even if you are fortunate enough to extinguish the fire before it gulps up your entire home, the filthy ambiance could make it unsuitable for accommodation. And none other than a professional damage restoration service can come to your rescue in that situation. Providing comprehensive fire and water damage recovery service they can make your home as accommodating as it was. But before that, you need to learn everything about the restoration process. So delve into this write-up to know everything about water and fire damage restoration in detail.


What Is Fire And Water Damage Recovery All About?


Basically, fire and water damage recovery service involves cleaning up the mess created by the fire and water damage and restoring the premises to their pre-damage state. Here, professional restorers take different restoration steps to bring back the initial look at your office back. This includes:

  • Damage Inspection

It’s essential to resolve every damage in your commercial premises and foundation to make it habitable. This is why professional damage restores conduct damage inspection steps to find out issues in your commercial building. This step also helps them to plan and design the renovation. 

  • Security of Property & Debris Removal

Soot, ashes, and harmful smoke are harmful to health. So professional restorers isolate the burned property and conduct filth removal in the second step. And ultimately you take another step towards a new and pristine commercial space.

  • Water Removal & Dry Out

When you call firefighters for fire extinguishing, they spray gallons of water on your burning building flooding it from top to down. Not extracting the moisture out of your commercial building can lead to secondary mold and mildew damage. So professional restores provide a water removal process in the third step. 

  • Clean Up & Smoke Removal

This step is all about manual labor to properly clean smoke and soot from interior and exterior surfaces. Following proper clean-up, professionals also deodorize your business firm making it renovation ready. 

  • Construction & Renovation

The final step of fire and water damage recovery service consists of construction and renovation, giving a charming look to your premises. Here professional restorers build and develop walls, ceilings, floors, and attics according to the building plan.

What To Do When Your Office Is On Fire

  • Board-Up Your Building

The very first thing you need to get while facing the aftermath of a fire is board-up service. You can either ask the state fire department for a recommendation or choose one in your contact. Take the cards of all the chasers at the fire and inform them that you will make a decision on the restoration in the coming days.

  • Find a Safe Place to Move Office Belongings

Find things that are intact and usable to move them to a safe location. It is the smartest way to recover lost files, documents, and other crucial things. Besides, sooner or later you have to resume your business activities, so it’s better to find a temporary office space. But make sure that your insurance covers your rent expenses before taking further steps.

  • Contact your Insurance Provider

Without wasting any time, consider claiming your insurance to pay for fire and water damage recovery services. Once you file a claim, they will cover your living and other daily expenditures as well as assist you with the clean-up. No matter how many fire and water damage restorers you have on your list, your insurance provider can assist you in finding the best.

  • Hire A Restoration Company 

Consider hiring a professional damage restoration company and recover your home.  Your insurance company might send you their favored vendor, but you can also go for restorers you trust. Remember, there is no guarantee restorers referred by others won’t always work out for you. So be very cautious while choosing a professional restorer.

It’s normal to get panicked and anxious to see your home in a troublesome state. In this situation, you need someone who thinks beyond money and comes forward to rescue your home. And we are that “Someone” who provides immediate fire and water damage recovery service, bringing the initial looks and features of your home back. So contact us through our official website to get smoke damage remediation service, storm damage roof repair, and home sanitation service. Also, read more blogs on topics like storm damage contractors and professional sanitizing company in our blog section.