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Six Circumstances Where You Need To Hire Fire Damage Restoration Companies

Fire damages are uncalled and can happen anywhere beyond your consciousness, even if you strictly follow the safety measures. And instead of panicking, you must hire professional fire damage restoration companies who can save your home from fire damage and assure you of a healthy lifestyle. So here we have listed a few circumstances where you should get professional support.


Six Type Of Fire Sources Where You Need Support From Fire Damage Restoration Companies 


  • Cooking Fire


Cooking fire is the most common and dangerous cause of house fires. This generally causes when you leave cooking food unattended, or place combustible items near the stove. It can also happen when an individual forgets to turn off the equipment after using them. 


Cooking fire also emerges when cooking appliances like conventional ovens, grills, stoves, etc malfunction. So if you ever experience a cooking fire don’t forget to get support from professional fire damage restoration companies.


  • Electrical Wearing Fire


According to the NFPA report, almost 68% of home fires are caused due to electrical faults and damages. A major issue in an electrical panel won’t take seconds to catch fire and burn down your property into ashes.


Professional fire damage restoration experts suggest you must be aware of various causes that lead to an electrical fire. And the most common cause is an old electrical wiring system in your home. Electrical-wearing fire can also occur when rainwater leaks down your ceiling and runs into electrical sockets and panels. 


  • Heating Unit Fires


Spending chilly winter evenings near a fireplace is indeed delightful! But do you know fireplaces are some of the main reasons for catching house fires? Yes! Referred as heat unit fires is another circumstance when you would need to call professional fire damage restoration companies


Heating unit fires can occur when you keep your flammable items near heat units like a fireplace or portable heaters. This fire can also be caused when you keep a barbecue grill on. 


  • Smoking Fire


We all know, smoking is hazardous to health. But do you know smoking is also bad for your home’s safety? Cigarettes are other reasons why most people face house fires. With 650° C of burning tobacco, you can burn an entire home down causing huge property damage. A report from NFPA suggests, almost 600 deaths and 1100 injuries are caused every year due to cigarette fires. 


Smoking or cigarette fire is generally caused when you throw cigarettes without neutralizing the fire. It can also cause when you unconsciously take your burning cigarette near paper, fabric, or flammable items.


  • Candles


Candles are equally dangerous as smoking when it comes to the causes of house fires. As per NFPA, almost 7600 candle fires are reported by firefighters and fire damage restoration companies every year. And they generally cause when candle holders fail to hold heavy candles and fall accidentally on flammable surfaces.


Candle fire can also emerge when you place them near fabrics and softwood furniture. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause when kids would play with them. 


  • Lightning


If you have watched several lightning videos on youtube, you probably know how deadly they can be. According to a study, the probability of catching a house fire due to lightning strikes is 50/50. 


Although this depends on several factors that can trigger fire after a lightning strike. Your home can catch fire due to lighting when you have dry leaves and woods near your home. It can also cause a fault in your electronic appliances if they are plugged in.


What Should You Do Facing Fire Damage In Your Home?


When your home catches fire, make sure to call the local fire station to stop the fire from spreading. Later take help from professional fire damage restorers who can help you restore your damaged property using the necessary gears. 

The source of the fire can be various. But you must not wait to hire fire damage restoration companies to restore the old chic of your house. So contact us now through our official website to get fire damage restoration service along with mold damage restoration, and water damage mold repair. Also read more blogs on topics like mold restoration company, storm damage contractors, and professional sanitizing company in our blog section.