The fresh getting cluster exits an airlock ahead of saucer area and guides in the passing

The fresh getting cluster exits an airlock ahead of saucer area and guides in the passing

At the conclusion of the road try an effective concave build, as well as in the midst of it is a vintage NASA probe out-of around three ages prior to. Kirk rubs out the latest soot toward nameplate and you may produces out new characters “V G Elizabeth Roentgen”. The guy will continue to wipe and you may learns your interest is actually Voyager six. Kirk remembers the real history of your own Voyager system – it actually was made to collect data and aired it back once again to Environment. Decker tells Kirk you to definitely Voyager 6 disappeared using what was after that entitled a black hole.

Log records [ ]

Kirk claims that it should have emerged to the Bagheria hot girl much front side of the galaxy and you will got trapped about machine earth’s gravity. Spock theorizes your earth’s inhabitants discover the brand new probe to-be certainly their form – ancient, but really kindred. It discover the fresh new probe’s twentieth century programming to get studies and you will get back one pointers so you’re able to their copywriter. Brand new machines interpreted one to tuition literally and you will constructed the entire watercraft in order for Voyager could satisfy their programming. Kirk goes on by proclaiming that towards their travels straight back, they obtained plenty degree that it gathered its very own

Abruptly, a shiny white variations as much as Decker’s system. “Ilia” moves out over him, and white encompasses them each other because they merge to each other. Their health drop off, therefore the light expands and you can starts to consume the room. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy haven back once again to new Agency. V’ger vanishes when you look at the a super rush of energy, making the fresh new Business a lot more than Earth, unscathed. To your bridge, Kirk magic whether they have simply heard of start of an excellent this new lifeform, and you can Spock says sure and that it could well be the second help their evolution. McCoy states it is started a bit since he could be “delivered” a child and you can hopes that they had this package over to an improvement.

Uhura informs Kirk that Starfleet are asking for the newest ship’s destroy and you may burns off accounts and you will boat standing. Kirk profile that there was in fact merely several casualties: Lieutenant Ilia and you can Captain Decker. He quickly corrects his report and you may transform the updates to help you “destroyed.” Watercraft status is totally functional. Scott comes on the newest link and you can will follow Kirk that it’s time and energy to provide the Enterprise a genuine shakedown. Whenever Scott proposes to have Spock right back to your Vulcan from inside the four weeks, Spock states that’s way too many, while the his activity for the Vulcan is completed.

Kirk tells Sulu so you can go ahead in the future during the warp basis one. Whenever DiFalco requests for a heading, Kirk simply claims “Around, that-aside.”

Thereupon, this new Firm flies over and activates warp drive on its way to another purpose from exploration and you may knowledge.

Splendid quotes [ ]

“The brand new Organization is actually last planning to exit dock.” “That may wanted a unique twenty more time at least, Admiral -” “Twelve.”

“I am on my answer to an interviewing Admiral Nogura hence lasts just about three full minutes. Are accountable to me on the Company in one single time.” “Report to you, sir?” “It is my intention to be on that motorboat from there meeting. Are accountable to me personally in one single hr.”

“Admiral, i have simply spent 1 . 5 years renovating and you may refitting the fresh new Organization. Just how about identity from hell perform they expect us to possess their particular ready from inside the 12 occasions?!”

“Mr. Scott, a keen alien object from amazing harmful energy try lower than about three months off which entire world. Truly the only starship during the interception assortment ‘s the Company. Ready or otherwise not, she releases into the twelve period.”

“The guy need their own right back, the guy had their.” “And you may Chief Decker? He could be already been with the boat every moment of their unique refitting.” “Ensign, the possibilities of the coming back out of this objective successfully have just doubled.”