Water Damage Ceiling: Signs Of Damage And Process Of Restoration

Is water dripping through your ceiling whenever it rains? Well, it is a clear indication of the water damage ceiling issue, which could take a massive shape as long-term damage if you leave it untreated. Generally, natural disasters like heavy rain, storms, or cyclones are responsible for water ceiling damage. And the more delay you make treating it, the more it drains out of your pocket. So you must keep a keen eye on the early signs of ceiling damage and seek a professional as soon as possible.


6 Early Signs Of Water Damage Ceiling


The moment your ceiling starts to show all the signs of water damage it gets too late. And that’s why we listed 6 early signs of damage to help you recognize them at the right time.


  • Water Patches


Water patches are wet smelly yellow-brown water circles that state the first stage of your ceiling damage. It is a result of leaks on your roof, plumbing, and HVAC systems. 


  • Musty Odors


Sometimes patches are not visible at the initial stage of water damage but can emit a foul, musty odor. It, in turn, can lead to mold infestation. So look for bad odors to determine the water damage ceiling issue.


  • Drooping Ceilings


When a dry ceiling soaks a huge amount of moisture it droops down or bubbles. And that’s another clear sign of water damage to the ceiling which needs immediate attention. 


  • Cracked or Bubbling Paint


A cracked or bubbling paint is a clear indicator of water damage ceiling issues you would often notice when your home goes through a huge storm. But people often ignore this issue until it becomes excessive. So we would suggest you carefully look for cracks, bubbles, and peeling in the ceiling paint. 


  • Condensation Droplets


A ceiling will always sweat or develop water droplets in case of water damage issues. And this generally causes a rise in humidity and also roof leaks or leaks from the pipelines. So look for both condensation droplets and leak sources to determine the damage.


  • Wrapped And Shifted Portions Of The Roof


Water ceiling damage doesn’t always limit the effect on the ceiling. It wreaks hugely on in the entire room below. A water-infested ceiling can allow door frames, molding, and window frames to shift and become warped. Accordingly, look for these traits to ensure your ceiling is not damaged.


Step Professionals Consider To Repair Water Damaged Ceiling


Step 1 – Inspection 


It’s important to find issues and factors responsible for water damage ceiling before restoration. And that’s why professionals start the ceiling damage restoration process with the inspection process. Here, professionals look for the source and cause of water damage to your ceiling.


Step 2 – Clean and Dry Out Damaged Areas


Replacing drywall from the ceiling is not the solution for damage restoration. You need to employ preventive measures to prevent further damage. So professionals in this step dry and cleans the affected area to continue with the process. 


Step 3 – Remove Damaged Parts


Professional damage restorers remove the affected ceiling to replace it with new and fine-quality drywall. In this matter, professionals use advanced safety gear, which includes hammers, crowbars, safety goggles, and face masks. 


Step 4 – The Repair Job


After inspecting, cleaning, drying, and removing the damaged ceiling, it’s time to install a new ceiling. In this matter, professionals first fill all holes with joint compound and let it dry to use paint. And in the case of drywall ceilings, they measure the area to shape the drywall accordingly. 


Step 5 – Prime And Paint


To bring back the initial look of your ceiling, professionals end the restoration process with prime and paint. In this particular step professionals first, make sure everything is ready as planned. And then they use primer on the walls followed by paint. 


Not repairing the water damage ceiling issue can make your ceiling weary, saggy, and porous which could eventually result in roof wrecking. This certainly increases the risk of physical injuries to the family members from the wreckage parts. So keep all your senses open and even if you sense any above-listed signs, be quick to acquire our professional restoration service in Los Angeles. So call us now to get our mold damage restoration, water damage mold repair, and storm damage roof repair from our experienced mold restoration company and storm damage contractors.